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Are you looking for a locksmith in Paris? Are you locked out of your door, or do you want to change or install a lock? Our team of English-speaking locksmiths is here to assist you 24/7.
Allow us to introduce you to the various aspects of our service, ranging from simple door opening to the implementation of cutting-edge security solutions.
Door opening locksmith service in Paris
Door opening locksmith service in Paris
Allow us to introduce you to the various aspects of our service, ranging from simple door opening to the implementation of cutting-edge security solutions.
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We are a company specialized in locksmithing in Paris, composed of qualified and experienced locksmiths ready to respond urgently throughout the Île-de-France region and promptly. Our years of experience enable us to ensure immediate, efficient, and high-quality intervention.
We are proud to offer you a multilingual customer service. We understand the significance of clear and effective communication, which is why our team speaks English. Whether you are a foreign resident or an expatriate, we are here to help and answer all your questions.
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Door Opening in Paris

Immediate intervention: faulty lock, jammed door, broken key, stuck or lost.

Are you outside and the door won’t open? Is the key stuck in the lock? Our specialized locksmiths guarantee a swift opening without damaging your door.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Paris

An emergency can’t wait, which is why our locksmiths are available day and night. Whether it’s a faulty lock, a lost key, or a jammed door, our service is here for you. Contact us.

There are several situations and reasons why someone might find themselves locked out of their front door. Here are some common scenarios:

Broken Key:

If a key is old, rusty, or weak, it can break inside the lock when trying to turn it. The person then gets locked out because part of the key remains stuck inside, preventing any other key from functioning correctly.

Faulty Lock Mechanism:

Locks, like any other mechanism, can wear out over time. The internal parts may become misshapen or break, causing the lock to malfunction.

Jammed Lock:

The lock may get jammed due to a foreign object, dirt, or corrosion. In extremely cold climates, the lock can also get frozen.

Key Left Inside:

Sometimes, someone might shut their door leaving their keys inside, especially if the door locks automatically.

Swollen Door:

In conditions of humidity or abrupt climate changes, doors, especially wooden ones, can swell and get stuck in the frame, making it difficult or impossible to open the door.

Prior Break-in:

If the door was previously forced open during a break-in attempt, the lock mechanism might have been damaged, causing subsequent issues.

Poor Installation:

If the lock or door wasn’t properly installed, it could lead to alignment issues which prevent the door from opening or closing properly.

Lock Change Without Proper Adjustment:

If someone changes the lock without properly adjusting the mechanism or the frame, it can lead to malfunction.

Electronic Failure:

For electronic or digital locks, a battery failure or malfunction in the electronic system can lock out the user.

Accidental Locking:

In some cases, especially with children, an additional lock or door chain might get accidentally engaged, preventing the door from opening fully.

Lock Change in Paris

Over time, locks wear out. If your lock is hard to turn, or if you simply want to boost your security by installing an A2P certified security lock, our experts are at your disposal and will advise you. We work with renowned brands such as Fichet, Picard, Bricard, Vachette, and many others to ensure optimal protection.

The safety of your home is paramount. One of the first lines of defense is the lock on your front door. Over time, signs of wear become evident, sometimes making the simple act of turning a key in the lock challenging or even impossible. In such situations, or if you want to enhance your home’s security, replacing the lock becomes a crucial step. Let’s delve into this process together.

Early Signs of a Dying Lock:
Difficulty in turning the key:

If you feel increased resistance when you turn your key, it’s often a sign that the internal mechanisms of the lock are wearing out.

The key gets stuck:

If your key gets stuck inside or outside the lock, it might indicate that the lock is warped or the internal pins are defective.

Recurring opening and closing problems:

If you often have to “jiggle” your key to open or close the door, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Benefits of an A2P Certified Security Lock.

Installing an A2P certified lock offers several major advantages:

Burglary Resistance:

These locks are tested for resistance to break-in attempts and are rated based on their resistance duration.

Insurance Recognition:

Many insurance companies recommend or even require the installation of A2P locks to ensure optimal coverage in the event of a break-in.

Peace of Mind:

An A2P certified lock offers enhanced protection, letting you feel secure in your home.

Why Choose Renowned Brands?

The quality of a lock largely depends on the reputation of its manufacturer. We work with prestigious brands like Fichet, Picard, Bricard, Vachette, etc. Here’s why:


These brands have proven their worth in terms of longevity and robustness.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

These manufacturers consistently invest in research to provide locks equipped with the latest security innovations.

After-Sales Service:

By opting for a recognized brand, you get support in case of an issue and availability of replacement parts.


Lock replacement is an endeavor that requires thought and expertise. Whether out of necessity due to wear or a desire to enhance your home’s security, entrusting this task to experts ensures an optimal outcome. With renowned brands and an A2P certified lock, you place a solid barrier between your possessions and potential intruders.

Armored Door in Paris

A home or apartment is much more than just a living space. It’s a sanctuary, a place where one feels safe and protected from the outside world. The front door is its first line of defense. Thus, it needs to be sturdy, reliable, and deter break-ins. This is where the armored door comes in.

An armored door is not an ordinary door. It’s designed to provide maximum resistance against break-in attempts due to its reinforced structure. Typically, it consists of a steel core or another highly durable material, surrounded by layers of wood or other materials intended for both insulation and aesthetics, but primarily to resist break-ins.

Types of Armored Doors: Combining Security and Aesthetics

Far from being just a steel block, armored doors come in various designs and finishes to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics. Here are some aspects to consider:


Steel is the most common material for the central structure. It’s sometimes combined with wood or other materials for a warmer look. Aluminum variants, which offer lightweight and strength, are also available.


Armored doors aren’t just limited to steel gray. They come in many shades, from bright white to matte black, including natural wood tones. Keep in mind that in France, it’s essential to maintain a uniform appearance for building entrance doors (color and aspect).


Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic, rustic, or minimalist design, there’s an armored door for every taste. Manufacturers even offer models with patterns, reliefs, or glass panels.

Security Points:

An armored door comes with multiple locking points spread across its height and width. This greatly enhances resistance to break-in attempts.

A2P Security Lock: The Final Touch for Optimal Protection

An armored door only reaches its full security potential when equipped with a high-quality lock. The A2P certification is a French label awarded to locks resistant to break-in attempts. It’s defined by three levels of resistance: A2P* (5-minute resistance), A2P** (10-minute resistance), and A2P*** (15-minute resistance).

Installing an A2P-certified lock on an armored door has several benefits:
Increased Resistance: The time needed to breach the lock is significantly increased, deterring most burglars.

Insurance Recognition: A door with an A2P lock might favorably influence your home insurance premiums as it reduces the risk of burglary.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your door has the best possible protection offers invaluable peace of mind.

In conclusion:

Choosing an armored door for your home or apartment is a wise decision to ensure optimal protection. By pairing it with an A2P security lock, you’re taking all necessary steps to provide your family and belongings the security they deserve. So, for peace of mind, install an armored door!

Safe Deposit Box Opening in Paris

Old or new safe

Safes can become locked for various reasons. You may find yourself unable to open a safe that is intentionally designed to be very difficult to open, even for professionals.


Here are the different causes of a locked safe:


Battery depletion:
In the case of electronic safes, one of the most common causes is the depletion of the battery. A discharged battery can lead to the malfunction of the electronic mechanism, requiring the replacement of the battery to restore proper functionality.


Loss of the safe key:
Losing the key to the safe is a situation where, in the absence of the key or a duplicate, you are left stranded. This can happen in cases of death or when purchasing a house with a safe inside and not having the key.


Forgotten lock combination:
Forgetting the combination of the lock is another delicate circumstance that can lead to the safe being locked. It is essential to follow specific procedures to recover or reset the combination.


In these delicate situations, it is strongly recommended to contact the safe manufacturer or seek the assistance of a professional locksmith, such as our company, which specializes in opening safes. Our experts can open your safe (all brands like: Bauche, Fichet, Hartmann Tresore, Yale, Phoenix…) on the same day using various techniques, either gently (without damaging the safe) or forcefully, depending on your budget. Feel free to reach out to us to resolve your safe-opening issue (send us a photo of your safe through the contact form) so that we can estimate the cost of our intervention.


Having Trouble with Your Safe?

Whether it’s a lost key, forgotten code, or a mechanical issue, don’t panic. Contact a safe-opening expert near you. We can access your safe while causing the least damage possible. Safe troubleshooting available 24/7.

A safe is a secure box, equipped with an enhanced lock, where one stores valuable items such as money, jewelry, or essential documents. It provides optimal protection against theft and potential damages.

Each safe has its unique features, meaning there’s a variety of options available depending on individual needs. Moreover, depending on the model, there are different ways to position it to either conceal it or enhance its security.

About Safes

Designed by experts, safes primarily aim to safeguard your valuables against risks like fires, floods, and break-ins. Placement is key: it should be discreet while being easily accessible to the owner. Their sizes can vary, ranging from the size of a drawer to that of an entire room, as seen in some banks.

Sturdy steel and top-notch locks are central to their design. A safe’s ability to resist a break-in is often an indicator of its quality.

What to Know When Choosing a Safe

Several factors should be considered when selecting the right safe:

Its certification according to EN standards, which define its sturdiness, fire resistance, and the quality of the lock.
The type of lock, be it key, combination, biometric, or electronic.
Its installation method, influenced by its weight and dimensions.

Its capacity, usually categorized into three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Varieties Available on the Market
The range of safes is vast:

Built-in models: discreet and convenient.


Freestanding models: more noticeable but often more spacious.


Secure cabinets: ideal for large quantities of documents.


Secure briefcases: perfect for mobility.


Installing a Built-in Safe:
Whether fixed to the wall, on furniture, or anchored to the floor, a built-in safe requires special care during its installation. Using the right tools and following the steps will ensure a solid fit. However, consulting an expert is often recommended to ensure discretion and security.

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Sometimes, locksmith issues arise at the most inconvenient times. Lost key, what to do? Lock broken after a burglary? Our “SOS locksmith” service is specially designed for these unforeseen situations. Contact us, and a professional will assist you immediately. We have a stock of guaranteed locks, allowing for swift replacements.

Here are some frequently asked questions in locksmithing, along with their answers:

To open a locked door, our locksmiths use specialized techniques like lock picking or using a radio. However, we recommend contacting a professional to avoid damaging the door or lock. Using a radio requires expertise; chances are you might not succeed.
Unlocking a lock without its key depends on the type of lock and the specific situation. Our locksmiths are trained to open various locks, including deadbolts, tubular locks, and electronic locks, using the right tools and techniques.
Changing a lock requires specific skills and tools. Our locksmiths are trained to remove your old lock and securely install a new one, ensuring it’s fully functional and suits your needs.
As per the prevailing legislation, door-opening costs can be borne by the tenant or the landlord, depending on the specific circumstances. For instance, if you accidentally locked yourself out, then the tenant pays. If the lock is defective, then the landlord covers the replacement cost.
For your information, the word “locksmith” in French is translated as “serrurier”.
Whether you need urgent repairs or simply wish to enhance your home or office security, we’re here to assist and advise you. With our expertise, swift response, and comprehensive services, you’re guaranteed to get the best locksmith services in Paris.
Paris attracts millions of visitors from around the world every year, many of whom are English speakers from England, the USA, the African continent, and more. Moreover, many English-speaking expats and professionals have chosen to settle in this vibrant metropolis. Even though Paris is a cosmopolitan city, the language barrier can still pose challenges, especially in emergency situations like locksmith issues. Unfortunately, in France, English is seldom spoken by most natives (you’ve probably noticed!). Here’s why it’s crucial for an English speaker to find an English-speaking locksmith in Paris:

Clear and Efficient Communication: In case of a locksmith issue – whether it’s a jammed door, a broken key, or a lock change need – it’s vital to precisely describe the problem. Clear communication allows the locksmith to quickly understand the situation and act accordingly.

Stress Reduction: Being locked out or facing a break-in can be traumatic. Add to it the struggle of overcoming the language barrier, and the stress multiplies. An English-speaking locksmith provides some comfort during such tense moments.

Understanding Expectations: Security norms and expectations might differ from one country to another. An English-speaking locksmith will better understand an English client’s specific needs and provide tailored recommendations.

Transparent Explanation: After the job, the locksmith might need to provide instructions on using a new lock or offer tips to prevent future issues. It’s vital for this information to be conveyed clearly to ensure the client’s safety.

Financial Details: Discussing costs can be tricky. Without clear communication, misunderstandings about the final price or included services might arise. An English-speaking locksmith can clarify all financial aspects unambiguously.

Building Trust: In all professions, trust is key, and locksmithing is no exception. When a client can freely express themselves in their native language and feel understood, they’re more likely to trust the professional.

In conclusion, for English speakers in Paris, choosing an English-speaking locksmith isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity for a swift, efficient, and stress-free intervention. Contact our English-speaking team now for any locksmith issue or consultation!
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