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24/7 Pipe Unclogging in Paris

Is your sink or toilet clogged? Our range of services is as extensive as your plumbing needs may be. From a simple pipe unclogging, be it toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, inspection chambers, or building pipes, to plumber interventions for water or gas leak detection, we cover all aspects of sanitary plumbing.
No matter your situation, we respond immediately to your home to provide the most suitable solution.

With our free quote before intervention: no unpleasant surprises! Contact us now, immediate intervention in Paris.

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24/7 Pipe Unclogging in Paris

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We are a company specialized in plumbing in Paris, composed of qualified and experienced plumbers ready to respond urgently throughout the Île-de-France region and promptly. Our years of experience enable us to ensure immediate, efficient, and high-quality intervention.

At the heart of the French capital, our plumbing company is at your disposal to resolve any issues or shape your projects. With experience honed from years of plumbing and heating interventions, we are proud to assist Parisian residents when they require a plumber. Whether it’s plumbing repair, an emergency, or a planned project (bathroom, toilet), our team is here for you. And for our English-speaking friends, good news: we speak English!

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All Our Plumbing Services in Paris

Clearing blocked drain in Paris

Unclogging pipes is not only vital for the comfort of residents but also to maintain public health and the structural integrity of buildings.


Toilet Unclogging:

In the confined spaces of Parisian apartments, a blocked toilet can quickly become a significant discomfort, producing unpleasant smells and flooding risks (referred to as backflow).


Sink/Siphon Unclogging:

The capital’s sinks are frequently used, leading to regular unclogging needs. It’s essential to maintain your sink by cleaning the siphon and pouring hot water down the drains. Always have a basket plug for your sink drain to prevent weekly blockages!


Bathtub/Shower Unclogging:

Bathrooms can quickly become unusable if the shower or bathtub is blocked. Due to hair, fur, soap, and other hygiene products, pipes can get blocked rapidly.


Rising Pump:

In certain areas of Paris, plumbing systems require pumps for efficient wastewater disposal, making their maintenance crucial.


Pipe Curating and Cleaning:

Essential prevention to avoid waste accumulation and ensure proper flow.


Individual or Collective Sanitation:

Ensures the proper functioning of drainage systems, whether they serve an entire building or a single dwelling.

Professional Techniques Used in Paris:

The Pump:

Often the first solution applied, it addresses minor obstructions swiftly, especially in apartments.


The Hydro-curer:

A method especially effective in Paris, where pipes can be old and delicate. It uses high-pressure water to dislodge obstructions without damaging the pipes.


Unclogging Truck:

In Paris’s narrow streets, these specially designed trucks provide a powerful solution to significant piping problems. Equipped for pumping and hydro-curing, they particularly intervene on main roads and collective sanitation systems.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Paris

An emergency can’t wait, which is why our plumbers are available day and night. Whether it’s a pipe unclogging or a water heater replacement, our service is here for you. Contact us.

There are many plumbing emergencies that a homeowner can encounter, which often require swift action to prevent significant property damage or health issues. Here are some common plumbing emergencies for a homeowner:

Water leak:

Water leaks can occur from pipes, fittings, or plumbing fixtures. A major leak can quickly flood a room and cause significant property damage.

Blocked pipe:

A blocked pipe can lead to sewage backup in sinks, bathtubs, or toilets, creating an unsanitary environment.

Clogged toilet:

A clogged toilet can render a bathroom unusable, and if it overflows, it can cause water damage.

Water heater failure:

A non-functioning water heater can leave a household without hot water, which can be particularly uncomfortable, especially in winter.

Gas leak:

If you smell gas in your home, it is an extremely dangerous emergency. Evacuate immediately and contact emergency services.

Frozen pipes:

In winter, outdoor water pipes can freeze and burst, leading to water leaks once the ice thaws.

Sewage system blockage:

A blocked sewage system can result in sewage backup into the house, which can be a health hazard.

Leaking faucet:

While a leaking faucet may seem minor, it can result in significant water wastage and higher water bills.

Broken pipes:

A burst pipe, whether due to excessive freezing, corrosion, or other factors, can cause a major water leak.

Faulty sump pump:

If you have a sump pump to remove water from your basement, a malfunctioning pump can lead to flooding during heavy rains.

In the face of these plumbing emergencies:

It is essential to take immediate steps to minimize damage and protect the health and safety of your family. In most cases, calling a professional plumber is the best solution to address these issues quickly and effectively.

Water Heater Replacement in Paris

Is your water heater malfunctioning? In need of a water heater plumber or a cumulus plumber? We specialize in water heater or hot water tank repair in Paris, and whether it’s for a simple repair or a replacement estimate, you can rely on our expertise.

Often referred to as a cumulus or hot water tank, the water heater is one of the most vital household appliances for daily comfort. It ensures a constant supply of hot water, whether for showers, washing dishes, or any other household use. However, like all devices, water heaters can malfunction or need replacement after several years of service (typically 8 to 15 years).

Water heater malfunctions:
No hot water:

This is the most common malfunction sign. The cause might be a faulty thermostat, a broken resistor, or a tripped circuit breaker.

Reduced hot water quantity:

This can result from excessive scaling in the cumulus, reducing its water heating efficiency.

Overheated water:

Often indicates a thermostat issue, which no longer regulates the temperature or is set too high.

Unusual noises:

Whistling or clanking can signal a limescale problem or pressure inside the tank.

Water leaks:

These can come from worn-out seals, a faulty safety valve, or internal tank corrosion.

Issues caused by these malfunctions:
Increased energy consumption:

A faulty or scaled water heater will use more energy to provide the same hot water amount, leading to higher bills.

Electrical risks:

Electrical malfunctions, such as a defective resistor or broken thermostat, can pose electrocution or short-circuit risks.

Infrastructure degradation:

Untreated leaks can cause water damage in your home, affecting walls, floors, and other appliances.

Health risks:

A poorly maintained water heater can become a breeding ground for certain bacteria, like Legionella, harmful if inhaled.

Importance of professional replacement and installation:

Replacing or installing a new water heater is not a trivial task. It requires a deep understanding of plumbing, electricity, and device specifics. A professional will ensure that the cumulus is correctly sized for your home, properly connected, and, most importantly, safe for daily use.

In conclusion:

The water heater is a cornerstone of domestic comfort. However, when it shows malfunction signs, it’s crucial to act quickly to ensure safety, comfort, and a sanitary environment. Hiring a professional for replacement or installation is a wise investment for your device’s longevity and efficiency. Contact us for a quote or quick intervention request in Paris or throughout Île-de-France.

Water & Gas Leak Detection and Repair in Paris

Quick and efficient detection and repair of these leaks are vital to ensuring safety and well-being. Here’s an overview to understand various leak types, their likely causes, and the problems they can cause in a Parisian dwelling.

Toilet leak:

Manifested by continuous flow, even when not flushed.

Tap leak:

A persistent drip can quickly increase the water bill.

Mixer tap leak:

Located at the handle or base, often due to a worn-out seal or an aged mixer.

Under-sink leak:

Typically due to a damaged pipe or worn-out seal, potentially damaging furniture or flooring.

Wall leak:

Humidity spots or mold might indicate a hidden leak, common in Paris’s older buildings.

Roof leak:

Parisian rooftops, due to age or exposure, might have weak points.

Gas-related risks:

An undetected gas leak in an urban environment can have catastrophic outcomes. A leak might be at the boiler, a copper pipe, or a connection. If you smell gas, turn off your boiler and gas supply and contact us promptly.

In conclusion:

It’s essential to seek seasoned professionals to ensure a swift, effective, and appropriate intervention.

Plumbing & Sanitary Installation in Paris

Installing plumbing and sanitary facilities in Paris, despite its specificities, is a job for experts. Whether for private residences, apartments, or offices, every job requires surgical precision to ensure everything works optimally.

Our services don’t stop there. Changing a mixer tap, installing a shower tray, replacing a bathtub, changing a washing machine tap, or setting up an outdoor tap are just some of the tasks we perform with passion and precision.

Common Installations:
Faucets & Mixer Taps:

They’re at the heart of every sanitary installation, regulating water flow. The mixer, with its single lever, provides easy temperature control.

Showers & Bathtubs:

More than just utilitarian fixtures, they’re now central elements of comfort. Choosing the right location and equipment is crucial, especially in tight spaces.

Sinks & Basins:

Essential in kitchens or bathrooms, their installation should harmonize perfectly with existing plumbing to ensure leak-free operation.


Options range from traditional to modern, and their installation depends on the piping and water supply system. Standalone or wall-mounted toilets, Sanibroyeur.

Washing Machine Tap:

A key component to ensure your machine gets a proper water supply.

Water Softener:

Given the hard water in Paris, this equipment is crucial to protect your appliances and skin.

Water Distribution Manifold:

Allows efficient water distribution in large apartments or professional spaces.

Points to Consider for Installation in Paris:

Space constraints require tailored and innovative solutions.

Safety Standards:

It’s imperative to comply with current regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants.

Energy Efficiency:

Current installations increasingly focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

In conclusion:

Plumbing and sanitary installation in Paris requires advanced technical expertise. To ensure an optimal result, it’s essential to work with a qualified professional. They will combine functionality, aesthetics, and durability for your daily comfort.

Bathroom Renovation in Paris: Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary

In the heart of Paris, where charm and elegance are everywhere, the bathroom isn’t just a functional place. It’s a relaxation space, a sanctuary, where aesthetics and comfort meet. Renovating this room, especially in the unique context of Parisian homes, is a delicate operation that requires a clear vision, professional expertise, and attention to detail.

Explore the various aspects and possible installations to enhance a bathroom in the City of Light.

Bathtubs and Showers:
Corner Bathtub:

An elegant solution for optimizing space while providing maximum comfort.

Walk-in Shower:

Modern, spacious, and accessible, it’s highly valued for its aesthetics and functionality.

Hydromassage Shower Cabin:

For a spa experience right at home.

Furniture and Storage:
Hanging Basins:

Ideal for smaller spaces, they offer a sleek design.

Under-sink Cabinets:

Combining functionality and aesthetics, they hide plumbing while providing storage.

Faucets and Sanitary Ware:
Thermostatic Mixers:

Ensure constant temperature for increased comfort and safety.

Suspended Toilets:

Modern design, easy cleaning, and space-saving are their main features.

Coatings and Lighting:
Cement tiles or zelliges:

Bring a touch of originality and color.

LED Lighting:

Provides soft, uniform light while being energy efficient.

Challenges and Specificities of a Parisian Renovation:
Safety Standards:

Electricity, ventilation, waterproofing… It’s crucial to comply with current standards to ensure a safe bathroom.

In summary:

Renovating a bathroom in Paris is a project that combines technique and creativity. Every choice, every decision aims to optimize space while creating a functional yet elegant space. To achieve results that meet your expectations, the intervention of a domain professional is highly recommended. They will guide and advise you, transforming your bathroom into a true haven of well-being.

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