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Is car insurance mandatory in France?

The owner of an automobile (car, van, truck, motorhome) operating in France is required to secure, at minimum, civil liability coverage for it. Civil liability insurance, also known as third-party insurance, serves to indemnify individuals affected by damages resulting from the vehicle’s operation. Failure to adhere to this insurance requirement is subject to legal penalties. This mandate is applicable irrespective of one’s nationality or the duration of their presence in France.
If you intend to drive or relocate in France, you must ensure your vehicle is covered by at least the minimum level of liability insurance, as mandated by law for vehicles in operation on the roads.

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Car insurance in France

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What car insurance to choose according to your needs?

In order to customize your choice based on your coverage and requirements, we offer 3 different plans, four Packs to bring you an additional level of comfort and four options to enable you to adjust your contract. Select the one that best suits your needs for you and your car.
Conventional insurance policies (1) C1
(Third Party)
Third-party liability insurance
Defense of your interests following an accident
Driver's insurance coverage
Glass breakage coverage
Natural disasters coverage
Technological disasters coverage
Terrorism coverage
Fire and Acts of Nature
Theft coverage
All-risk damages
Driver's license prevention "As indicated in the Specific Provisions"
The Essential Allianz Packages (1) C1
(Third Party)
(Comprehensive Coverage)
Allianz Mobility Packages
Allianz Classic Mobility Package As an option As an option As an option
Zero Kilometer Breakdown Assistance
Replacement Vehicle (up to 8 days, 15 days, 30 days depending on the covered event)
Allianz Mobility Plus Package As an option
Zero kilometer breakdown assistance
Replacement vehicle (up to 30 days regardless of the covered event)
Allianz Value Plus Package As an option
Purchase value coverage 24 months (or 36 months (1)) then market value plus 20 to 40% depending on the age of the vehicle, with a minimum compensation value of €3,000.
Allianz Repair Package As an option
Advice and support
The options (1) C1
(Third Party)
Breakdown Assistance within 0 km As an option As an option As an option
Content As an option
Equipment As an option
Automobile legal protection As an option As an option As an option
Description :

(1) : As indicated in the Special Provisions

Understanding Car Insurance

coverage car insurance france

This is the mandatory minimum coverage when you own a vehicle. If you have only subscribed to this coverage, then you are insured at the third-party level. It provides financial coverage for bodily injury, property damage, or intangible damages (such as loss of revenue, travel expenses, for example) that you may cause to others in an accident for which you are responsible involving your vehicle.


For example: you scratched your neighbor’s gate. Thanks to your Civil Liability coverage, we will cover the costs to replace the gate. You won’t have to pay anything, except the deductible if your contract specifies it.


What is comprehensive insurance?
The comprehensive insurance “C3” pack offers you extensive protection. It includes the all-accident damage guarantee. With this guarantee, we cover all damages your vehicle may suffer in the event of a responsible or non-responsible accident. This applies, for example, if you collide with a tree or even if your vehicle is vandalized.


Under comprehensive coverage, you are compensated regardless of whether the damages result from an accident, theft, hailstorm, etc. To enhance your coverage, you can add our Packs and options. For example, with the Mobility Packs, you will benefit from a replacement vehicle, and with the Content option, we guarantee your transported items such as your suitcase or your computer.

The franchise is the amount that remains your responsibility upon our indemnification. In the event of an accident, the insurance plan you have chosen and your level of responsibility determine what we reimburse you and therefore what may remain your responsibility.


For theft incidents:
Within 25 km of your garage location, we provide a taxi for urgent transportation.
Beyond 25 km of your garage location, we offer a train ticket, an economy class plane ticket, or a rental vehicle for 2 days, to enable you to return home or continue your journey.
With our Mobility Packs, you have access to a replacement vehicle for up to 30 days (depending on the guaranteed event).

We make every effort to enable you to get fuel. We can also provide you with a taxi.

We’ll deliver a duplicate set of keys for you.

Breakdowns also include: flat tire, fueling error, or keys locked in your vehicle.

We compensate the driver (or their beneficiaries) for the expenses related to their injuries or death.


For example, following a traffic accident, even if you are at fault, if you are injured and unable to work, we compensate, within the limits of the coverage you have chosen, for your loss of income and medical expenses not covered by social security or your health insurance supplementary plan.

What Documents Do You Need to Insure a Car in France?

Have you finally found your car or are you looking to insure your car in France? Here are the documents you will need to insure your car:
document car insurance

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