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Is professional insurance mandatory in France?

Professional insurance is mandatory in France for certain professions. This type of insurance, known as professional liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance, is required for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, and other practitioners who provide professional services.
The purpose of this insurance is to protect both the professional and their clients in case of errors, omissions, or negligence in the services provided. The specific requirements may vary depending on the profession and local regulations.
For example, for artisans such as plumbers, electricians, an insurance called ‘assurance décennale’ (ten-year liability insurance) is required in France.

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Professional liability insurance Allianz in France

What types of businesses do we insure?

We insure all types of businesses and associations, regardless of the industry and legal structure: “Auto-entrepreneur”, freelancer, individual enterprise, company (LLC, SAS, SASU, SA…).

Bakery, Beverage Manufacturer, Snack Food Company, Dairy Products Producer…


Offset printer, screen printing company, digital printing service…

Civil engineering firm, construction materials manufacturer, excavation company…

Fertilizer producer, pharmaceutical laboratory, cleaning products manufacturer…

Supermarket, electronics wholesaler, online retail company…

Book publishing house, specialized magazine, daily newspaper…

Electronic components manufacturer, electrical installation company, consumer electronics design firm…

Electronic components manufacturer, electrical installation company, consumer electronics design firm…

Management consulting firm, market research company, engineering firm.

Generic drug manufacturer, biotechnology company, health research laboratory…

Software development company, IT services firm, cloud infrastructure provider…

Mobile phone operator, internet service provider, satellite telecommunications company…

Car manufacturer, machine tool manufacturer, construction equipment rental company…

Foundry, metal parts manufacturer, surface treatment company…

Molded plastics manufacturer, plastic recycling company, tire producer…

Accounting firm, recruitment agency, industrial cleaning company, webdesigner, community manager…

Sportswear brand, jeans manufacturer, running shoe company…

Air freight company, international moving company, railway logistics company…

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Understanding Professional Liability Insurance

The insurer covers you not only for common risks, but also for risks specific to your business. Indeed, there is not just one professional liability insurance, but several depending on the field of activity of your company.

Here are some examples for which you would be covered by professional insurance:

  • An accident occurs on your premises (a customer is injured on your premises)
  • Damages result from your products or services (food poisoning, delivery error, product safety defect…)
  • One of your employees is injured at the workplace and claims gross negligence on your partEmergency expenses are incurred to mitigate accidental damage to the environment

If you are the victim of an accident during your professional life, we will pursue amicable or legal recourse on your behalf to defend your rights. E&O (Errors and Omissions) insurance is strongly recommended even for activities that are not required to have one.

What documents do you need to insure a company in France?

In order for the insurer to provide coverage, your company must be established in France. Since a professional insurance contract is more specific than a simple automobile contract, for example, you will need to answer a certain number of questions so that the insurer can provide coverage.

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